Kouei Industries International - Environmental Message

In the world we live in today; the cost of fuels and their availability impact our decisions on a daily bases. Our lives are “controlled” by petroleum in every sense of the word. Our need for energy is pervasive and is reflected by the billions of dollars we invest every year in finding new oil and gas reserves.

Think about it for a minute while you sip your morning coffee. Take a quick glance at the coffee you're drinking from. Did you know that as petroleum prices raise so does the cost of that coffee. If the transportation costs to deliver those coffee beans went up, you can bet that the price of that coffee did too, as well as the cost of your groceries and your vegetables at the supermarket. How about your afternoon lunch snack from the deli? It too went up; as the plastic rapper that's rapped around your deli sandwich is made out of petroleum…our lives are intertwined in the petroleum industry. Do you drive to work? Have you noticed the petrol prices lately? When was the last time you bought a set of new car tires? Did you know that nearly 28 liters of refined oil go into one car tire? Well if you didn't, you do now! Do you see what I am trying to say? If you feel the need to complain, pick up your mobile phone and call someone and as you do look at the plastic that surrounds it…you guessed it…it too is made of petroleum. Have a look at all the things that surround you right now and you'll soon discover just how much rubber and plastic there is around us everyday.

Did you know that in the North America alone there are over 3 billion scrapped automobile tires in landfills and storage sites? Did you know that the United States and Canada generate over 300 million scrap tires per year! If you do the math, it means 2.1 billion gallons of oil. This is about 50 million barrels of crude which at US$20 (current price above $35) per barrel, that translates to US$1 billion per year. That's a lot of money and resources that could be recovered. This above total only relates to the scrap tires generated per year in North America not the already existing 3 billion scrapped tires in landfills and tire storage sites.

Kouei Industries has had the insight to foresee that the disposal of spent tires, obsolete computers and other plastics is a problem of increasing magnitude for cities and countries throughout the world. As we enter the 21st Century, Kouei's vision has become reality, and our technologies are now capable of solving these issues in a commercially viable and environmentally friendly solution. We are about to witness a solid waste crisis of untold proportions in the very near future. Kouei is proud to say “We are bridging the gap between solid waste recycling and renewable energy”. Kouei Industries has spent over 15 years developing these patented and proprietary recycling technologies to reclaim these natural resources left inside spent tires, scrap electronics, carbon-fiber composites and waste plastics.

Creating a new energy commodity out of garbage and waste is what we do at Kouei.


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