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Kouei Industries International - Plastic Wastes & Scrap Tire Recycling Technology

Kouei Industries International is an environmental solutions company committed to solving waste disposal problems large and small in an economically meaningful and environmentally responsible manner with respect to two principal categories, petroleum based waste materials (specifically plastics and scrap tire waste) and organic waste materials.

We is privately held company that takes pride in delivering high quality, long lasting recycling solutions to turn waste into new, reusable resources with proven technologies. We are backed by years of collective experience in a multitude of design, engineering and construction operations and has been involved in patenting, developing, building and operating a large number of pyrolysis and gasification recycling systems from batch recycling systems to continuous feed recycling systems. It is our mission to be a low cost leader of waste recycling services, solutions and systems world wide. We provide technologies to refine waste management, the next level of intergraded solutions.

Our technologies are designed to handle almost any waste product imaginable, mixed or unmixed. This includes whole tyres, all types of plastics, PVC, vinyl, shredder residue, biomass and infectious biohazard medical waste. All our systems are fully self-sustaining (depending on feedstock), designed around our customer's unique and site specific applications that meet and exceed any requirements regardless of the materials we are processing. We are passionate about what we do and are focused on "waste in and value added out" We are not "waste in and waste out" like incineration. All our technologies are specific and designed not to add to the land-fill problem. We have processed over million of tonnes of tires and plastics to date using pyrolysis and and gasification systems. Our technologies are not only environmentally friendly, but also commercially viable.

There is no feed stock we can not process with in reason; we are your pyrolyization and carbonization specialists. There are many examples of our technologies spread all over Asia and around the world processing different materials to produce customer specific products using our true tertiary recycling technologies. These products include power generation, heat, steam, different grades of oil and high BTU syn-gas, recycled steel, assorted minerals, nano material and carbon black for a multitude of uses. Our plastic liquefaction technology will process co-mingled plastics into an oil and gas which can be used in the production of new polymers or high grade diesel fuel for transportation vehicles. Our engineers design systems to treat waste using a multitude of commercially proven designs with references plants located throughout the world. Our team of engineers are specialists in the development, design and operation of pyrolyization and carbonization technologies.

We are in the advanced stages of establishing itself as a market leader in both the North American and European market places for batch pyrolysis and gasification based technology applications. Over the last 20 years, we began a "commercialization transformation" to move these advancements out of our research and development facilities and into the market place. Let us help your company offset your energy costs and reduce your environmental impact by using our unique technologies.

Our systems are built under the following ISO Certifications

  • ISO 9001 certification, ISO 9002 certification, and ISO 14001
  • Standard for environmental management systems
  • SK-200 includes a 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Complete Assembly in 6 months from date of purchase

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